[News] Hyung Jun will be bringing Piro Piro to SG

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[News] Hyung Jun will be bringing Piro Piro to SG

Post  Admin on Tue Jun 14, 2011 8:20 pm

Bling Entertainment has just updated their Facebook page stating that Kim Hyung Joon will be bringing along some Piro Piro products. Wondering how much are the products? Here’s the price list for them:

1. 피로피로 얼굴쿠션 (50CM) PIROPIRO Face cushion – 55.00 SGD
2. 피로피로 소형인형 (40CM) PIROPIRO 40CM Doll – 47.50 SGD
3. 피로피로 슬리퍼 PIROPIRO Slipper – 30.00 SGD
4. 피로피로 대형인형 (100CM) PIROPIRO 100CM Doll – 112.50 SGD
5. 시로시로 손목쿠션 SIROSIRO Wrist Cushion – 22.50 SGD

Bling Ent. has asked the fans to give some information on which products would they like to buy so Kim Hyung Jun won’t bring too many~ ^^

Source: Bling Entertainment Facebook page(https://www.facebook.com/BlingEntertainment)
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