An Interview by SportSeoul: Kim Hyung Jun “Let Meet Her At 'GLOWING SHE'!”

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An Interview by SportSeoul: Kim Hyung Jun “Let Meet Her At 'GLOWING SHE'!”  Empty An Interview by SportSeoul: Kim Hyung Jun “Let Meet Her At 'GLOWING SHE'!”

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An Interview by SportSeoul: Kim Hyung Jun “Let Meet Her At 'GLOWING SHE'!”  Iv110

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun at the indoor filming of the drama spare no pain in displaying his ability out to the max.

Currently cable channel KBS drama “Glowing She” acting as the popular TopStar Kang Min character. During the drama live singing not only he can proudly showcase his singing skills, during the swimming scene he also showcased his toned muscular figure which he exudes different charisma. His 1st drama, he has already showcased his stable acting skills which caused exclaims from everyone.

Kim Hyung Jun stated, “Maybe it is due to that the character of Kang Min is similar to myself. At the beginning I was quite confident, as it is almost the same as the activities of a singer, 'just treat it as an enjoyment', having this idea, it seems to make me more relax."

With his 1st musical “CAFE-IN” performance in year 2010, “From the starting of the musical, I already have the thought of acting in dramas. Choosing to start with musical, because I am born as a singer thus wanna use the songs to showcase my strength. Practising his acting on the musical stage and now starring in a drama, so now here I am, although this is a cable TV drama, but later I wanna try out wireless drama.” expressed his sincere thoughts.

Thru his eloquent reply, you can see his meticulous planning. He said with a smile, “Originally my character is to set plans and goals”.He continued, “In 10 plans, although you can only achieve 1 or 2, but you can add up all your achievements day after day, with this I am happy.” At the same time, “An aggressive character, full of desire, anything I wanna do will certainly do, just like now.” he is very confident and satisfied with his current active activities.

An Interview by SportSeoul: Kim Hyung Jun “Let Meet Her At 'GLOWING SHE'!”  Iv210

Recently in the drama although Kang Min still cannot confess his feelings to the writer Jeon Ji-hyeon (acted by So I-hyeon), but the sudden liking of the character in the drama is causing the female fans to cheer and scream. Kim Hyung Jun shyly said, “Initially it is suppose to be an edgy TopStar, after I mixed it together with my own character, seems like the cute and adorable sides has shown more than the edgy sides.”

He said, “In fact if there is such a good person appear, I would also like to be positive, originally my type are those whom I wanna cherish and protect. Recently started liking older women, hahahaha, why? It is not very good when only knows how to accept care and concern, kept relying on other people. After watching the drama I started to have this hope that who can give me a call and care about my feelings. Until today, I think I am those kind who always overly excessively helping other people but who always got hurt in the end.”

With the filming of the drama, will also have the feeling of getting a girlfriend, the tight filming schedule will probably cause feelings of fatigue, instead he shook his head, “Dont feel like sleeping, very alert.”

“Firstly I really like filming dramas” this is 1st reason, “And I am a newbie in front of these actors actresses, I dont want to make any mistakes, want a perfect performance, thus I always read my scripts in the middle of the night, or I will just sleep a while and wakes up to memorise my scripts. This way I will not feel very tense.” Not only a sense of tension, thru his inner vitality and desire to reveal it truthfully, he does not deny the fact that “I often enjoy the feelings of nervousness and trembling.”

He stated, “This year the 1st button seems to button up well. (Means: This year, the 1st step seems to be very smooth.) The 1st phase is completed, now it is time to prepare for my next work. Initially wanting to release a new album, but started to get more ambitious after acting, it will be great if I can get to act in a wireless drama. But also hope to get a newcomer award at the end of the year, ambitions and aspirations seems to be booming.” “All this can be achieve if we works towards it, thus I often think that to myself.” showing his brilliant smile.

Source: SportSeoul
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