[article] Hyung Jun, blame the excessive schedule? ‘I am so tired’ (20.11.11)

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[article] Hyung Jun, blame the excessive schedule? ‘I am so tired’ (20.11.11)

Post  Admin on Sun Nov 20, 2011 10:58 pm

Group SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun reveals half of his face.

On the 20th afternoon at 2:44PM, Kim Hyung Jun tweeted a picture on his twitter, along with a short sentence 'Ah. Commercial shooting is tough'.

The picture of Kim Hyung Jun shows obvious signs of fatigue in his appearance. The surprise revealed face of him looked a little gaunt, which made fans worry about him.

Netizens who saw the picture responded, "Please go easy on him~", "You looked tired", "What commercial is that? Looking forward to it!", "Even so, you still look good" and so on.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun has been casted in KBS Drama channel 'Glowing She!' which will be aired early next year, along with talent So Yi Hyeon and Park Gwang Hyeon.

Source: Star News
Translation: Honeyeee @ LOVE501.com

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