[News] Kim Hyung Jun ‘is that Boys over flowers Kim Hyunjoong?’ (17.04.2011)

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[News] Kim Hyung Jun ‘is that Boys over flowers Kim Hyunjoong?’ (17.04.2011) Empty [News] Kim Hyung Jun ‘is that Boys over flowers Kim Hyunjoong?’ (17.04.2011)

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[News] Kim Hyung Jun ‘is that Boys over flowers Kim Hyunjoong?’ (17.04.2011) Rs10

Kim Hyungjun was dealt with a ‘humiliation’ by Song Young-gil with the sentence ‘is that Boys over flowers Kim Hyunjoong?’.

Variety KBS2 ‘Gag Concert’ that was aired on 17th featured Kim Hyungjun who appeared as a surprise guest in the ‘Bongsungah School’ programme corner.

On this day’s programme, Song Young-gil posed a question on who the guest of the day will be “Who’s coming to challenge me today”. After he was responded with the name Kim Hyungjun, he followed to reply, “You mean [Boys over flowers] Kim Hyunjoong has approached?”, as he began to flurry and get all worked up.

However, as soon as he learnt that it wasn’t Kim Hyunjoong but Kim Hyungjun instead, he teased, “What’s this ganjanggongjanggongjangjang* all about huh? makes me all confused”, as he then caused a bout of laughter.

After this, Song Young-gil compared his own photos from 9 years ago and 3 years ago separately with Kim Hyungjun’s, as he amazed over how Kim Hyungjun did not change much at all, “The ‘vampire terminator’ huh? How on earth could you not have developed at all throughout these 9 years? As the years go by we’re supposed to be more and more filling. Tending to is more important than having born that way naturally”, as he then proceeded to reveal his own photos of the past. In the photos showed a different profile of his no matter 9 years ago, 3 years ago or even now, which aroused yet another round of laughter amongst audiences.

After Song Young-gil saw what he thought was a pair of rough hands of Kim Hyungjun’s, he volunteered to give the pair of socks that he’s been wearing for the past 3 days as a glove gift to Kim Hyungjun, which then got the latter taken aback.

*ganjanggongjanggongjangjang is a famous Korean tongue twister line.

Source: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201104172304161001
English translation: ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com

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