[news] Hyung Jun Shows Off Model Good Looks

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[news] Hyung Jun Shows Off Model Good Looks Empty [news] Hyung Jun Shows Off Model Good Looks

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[news] Hyung Jun Shows Off Model Good Looks 18999310

Last month on the 28th, the photos during the MV making of the song "GIRL" before the album pre-sale created a huge response from netizens.

In the photo, Kim Hyung Jun's unwavering deadpan expressionless sculpture appearance is giving people the impression of a piece of reminiscent department store mannequins, making the staff very nervous especially when Kim Hyung Jun in the black suit and white shirt that which makes him looking like a hallayu star.

The explosiveness response of netizens towards the photo "He really has the looks of a mannequin", "I will be real nervous standing beside him", no matter any angle he stand, he emits the star aura.

Meanwhile Kim Hyung Jun 1st solo album will be on pre-order on 8th Mar. He will be having his showcase at KAYA theatre, main focus is in Korea and after which he will also be going to Japan and Asia to meet his fans.

Credits: (Eng trans) cllslam10.blogspot.com

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