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are you excited, guys? Very Happy

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Album title "oH aH" Introduction to Music

1. Angel Feat. E-Tribe
Kim Hyung Jun's first solo album intro, Urban RnB song magnificent.
At the same time that this album introduces gorgeous bright colors, positive and motivated musical which he later turned into a solo-oriented groups are just oozing.

2. OH aH
Demonstrate the unique atmosphere of Urban RnB lyrical tune. Intro song to attract the ear-specific E-TRIBE Hook, Kim Hyun-specific voice leading the songs are soft charisma, his color, harmony of these three, only they and other Urban RnB notice to the birth of the genre.

Hyun Kim is a man swinging love songs that were prepared for females [Girl] [Girl] they are looking for a woman, and the heart of every man wants to be the world forever falling in love with the woman music speak for. Kim Hyun sweet voice and man's first solo album release, produced a love song pop dance style that blends addictive melody composer hit Rad.

4. [Another woman], not you
[Another woman] you but is this album's songs [Girl] RAD composer, beat-based hip-hop and hip-hop music Aruandobi. This particular song, Doki (Dok2) that featured part in the style of music as a first attempt Hyun Kim. And all the songs are completely different colors, is perfect the technology.

Track of the album's only ballad [Heaven], and Kim Young-composer of cutting-edge R & B Chance Oneway leader ballads. Including the flow of the song is melancholy even during moderate, was filling in hope, to participate in their own lyrics Hyun.   

6. OH aH (Inst.)
7. Girl (Inst.)


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