[News] Hyung Jun said "SS501 members together as brothers"

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[News] Hyung Jun said "SS501 members together as brothers" Empty [News] Hyung Jun said "SS501 members together as brothers"

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[News] Hyung Jun said "SS501 members together as brothers" 16457610

no longer the youngest member of this guy SS501 Kim Hyung Jun not seem to be remembered. Nest of a new musical challenge for the new field it receives rave reviews for his shows another possibility of Kim Hyung Jun is now the world and met with his other.

Last Musical 'caffeine' appeared in the musical as a good reputation for a long time, Kim Hyung Jun SS501 members together as brothers, unlike still good, like my friend said you were staying.

Kim Hyung Jun, "All is well between. Always stay in touch.'s Just something in between is less time to meet even more of the good seems to be getting on. But rather far away from him seems to be nothing more aeteuthaejineun" he said.

And "the way you want each member to each other between the selected geotinde have no reason to make it worse. To cheer each other advice but is doing so well," he said.

Kim Hyung Jun solo once more in the future would have to show various images. "I somehow alone activity hadaboni responsible as more occur. But that kind of commitment and sometimes the pressure got something happen when such a mind of my more significant growth will bring positive thinking. We know what to do a happy dilemma, and having same. The Musical 'Caffeine' s got a good reaction occurs much more confidence, "he laughed.

Kim Hyung Jun until next year 'caffeine' climb on stage and announced a new album and is expected to active.


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